Friday, November 19, 2010

Lindsay + Stu | Farmhouse Wedding

It had been a hit or miss September, and despite everyone's acknowledgement of the unpredictability of weather in the fall, I had my hopes up high. Linsday and Stu had an incredible country setting for their ceremony, and despite tents to cover guests, if the rain were to pour, then we'd be moving inside for an uncomfortable and quick reception/ ceremony room flip. I guess our many prayers payed off, because Stu and Lindsay's wedding turned out to be one of the most beautiful days in September. A tad windy, but beautiful none the less.

The emotions were high, the bridal party was STUNNING (seriously- have you seen a more beautiful bride in your life?), and the team of vendors were fab and worked hard to make this day as special as it was.

These incredible photos were taken by one of my new photographer crushes, Melissa Gidney. She is extremely talented so I suggest checking out her work! The cake was done by the fantastic team at Frostings in Langley, and the gorgeous decor by Jack and Jill. The centerpieces were a labour of love created by the bride and groom themselves (lucky girl- I could never get my hubby to do anything remotely crafty!), and DJ Jay Frost mixed some amazing tunes for the non-stop party.

This wedding will go down as one my favourites (as I am severely in LOVE with the vineyard shots). Congratulations Lindsay and Stu!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bella Wedding | Jenn + Perry | Swan E Set Bay

Jenn ♥ Perry ... Highlights from Love Story Media on Vimeo.

I'd say most, if not all, of my business comes from word of mouth or wedding guests. This one in particular came from the sister of one of my past clients. You might remember Kristin's to-die-for New Years Eve wedding from this post. Kristin is a wedding planner herself, so I know that any event I do with her, or her family members for that matter, will be spectacular.

Kristin and big sister bride Jennifer did not disappoint! With the juiciest colour combo I've ever worked with, and a vendor roll call of some of the best in the biz, I was more than happy to take the ropes to make sure the day they planned went on without a hitch. I got to contribute my part by designing one of my favourite candy bars yet, full of creamsicle colours and delectable vintage labels.

The wedding was spectacularly beautiful (dare I say my favourite yet) and incredibly emotional. Jenn and her new hubby Perry are pretty much the poster children for love, and I know they have an entire lifetime of happy memories together!

Massive thanks to Mandy Jill for these dazzling photos, and to Erik of Love Story Media for the touching cinematic version of their wedding day. It's always an honour to work with such great talents!

Thanks to these FAB Vendors:
Wedding Design Studio
Swan E Set Bay Resort

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Loretta & David | LoveStory

Loretta ♥ David ... Highlights from Love Story Media on Vimeo.

Loretta and David's wedding fell on a beautiful, classic rainy Vancouver day at the end of May. When I woke up and saw the gloomy skies all around me, my heart sunk a bit. Although we had a "plan B" for their ceremony, I knew that Loretta really really wanted an outdoor ceremony on the lawn in front of the their Brock House reception venue. If it were to downpour, we'd be forced inside, which would have made for a very unhappy bride. Although the rain didn't stop, it was light enough to go to Plan C, which meant outdoor wedding ON, clear umbrellas UP. The rain, although inconvenient, made for an incredibly romantic day, and even provided the opening shots of their ring close up for this incredible highlight video, created by the ever talented Erik of LoveStory Media.

I'm a bit of internet addict, so prior to catching some shut eye, I lay in bed and checked my email on my phone. Erik's email appeared in my inbox and my heart began to flutter. That meant that Loretta and David's wedding video was up! Woot woot! I kind of feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I press play- and I guess that's very fitting, because truly, having a wedding video from Love Story Media is probably the best gift one could ever open. Eager and full of excitement, I watched it for the very first time on my iPhone laying in bed with my hubby right beside me. I couldn't stop gushing about the video, about all of Erik's videos, and how incredibly incredibly talented he was. I then went on to reflect on our wedding day and how heartbroken I was that I hadn't even thought of a videographer during my planning process (I was not a wedding pro until about 8 months after my own wedding day- so although my wedding day was beautiful, carefully planned out and full of intimate details, I lacked the knowledge and experience to know what really matters when it comes to capturing a wedding day.) My hubby went on to say " You really like this Erik guy, hey? A bit of a crush, have we?"... I laughed, because little does he know that the real cursh I have is on his videos. I fall in love with each highlight video like a teenage girl falls in love with the current heart throb de jour while watching movies like Twilight or High School Musical (who am I kidding? I'm not a teenager and I'm in love with Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson). All quips aside, if you haven't already done so, head over to the Love Story Media blog, and start watching some film reels and you'll know what I mean. I can watch them all again and again.

I'm sure I'll update again when the photographs are ready, but in the meantime enjoy! And congratulations again to Loretta and David!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kitty Candyland

Yes, this event was a while ago but I'm playing catch up, starting with May. May ended up being my busiest monthsof the year, jam packed with weddings, and a last minute event was the icing on top. When Lexie of the The Kitty Card contacted me to design their Official Launch Party, I hesitated. I knew it would be an incredible opportunity to go all out pink and girly just like the last event I did for them. But I think I had something like 3 weeks to whip this thing together. This wasn't just a candy buffet; this was a full on event design complete with carnival themed decor, custom pink lighting, a deluxe sweets table, designer cake, cotton candy machine, and full on graphic design and custom sign printing. Phew I got tired just thinking about all that work again.

Anyways, after much deliberation, I decided, why not? I don't often get to just take off and run with my creativity. Obviously wedding couples want their tastes encorporated into their wedding, not mine. But a pink girl through and through, I knew I could satisfy the Kitty Card brand while having some fun myself. I also thought it would be a great way to get my name out there and show what I could do (nb: not so much. I had high hopes for the news media that attended, but turns out no one cares to ask for nor credit the person who designed and pulled together the whole event :( Oh well- it was still pretty darn fun to do!). The GORGEOUS cake was designed by the uber talented Anna of Anna Elizabeth Cakes and the rentals were graciously supplied by my go to girl Carolyn from All Occassions Chic Decor Rentals.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Janice + Shad | Cloverdale Wedding

Janice and Shad, affectionately called "Shanice" have got to be one of my favourite couples this year. We became friends over many glasses of wine and planning their elegant and fun wedding felt like more play than work. A stunning outdoor ceremony at a private estate transported me, and I'm sure many of the guests, to a world reminiscent of The OC. The heartwarming reception was held at the quirky and unique Vault restaurant in Cloverdale and the night was nothing short of perfect. Incredible photography by the talented Sarah Reese of Bliss Photographic, and the stunning flowers by Kathy of All Tyme Florists. Thanks to my sidekick Jenn for helping me pull this day off without a hitch. And to Shanice, may your marriage be as incredible as your wedding day!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Oh how I've been a bad blogger. It has been far far too long since I've posted and hopefully that will change soon! I've got 4 exciting weddings this month, and a whole bunch from this summer to recap. Stay tuned and maybe I'll get some fun stuff up here!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bella Wedding | Kasey + Tyler | Whonnock Lake

This wedding was from March, but I thought better late then never when it comes to posting photos- right?

It was a little less than a year before their wedding when I first met with Kasey. She had loads of wonderful ideas for her 2010 wedding, but surprisingly, her fiance Tyler had many ideas as well. It was important for him to incorporate the 4 elements of the earth into their wedding- and many ideas were tossed back and forth. Everything from having a fountain inside, to centerpieces that included the elements, to the colour scheme consisting of their 4 representantive colours (yellow, red, blue and green I believe.) After much deliberation and many hours of planning, we had altered this theme to make it more classic and elegant (which still honoured them as a couple) and I think we merged both worlds very well. Originally planned to happen on July 17th at Minter Gardens, Kasey and Tyler had a change of heart and fell in love with the incomparable surroundings of Whonnock Lake (for those of you who love nature and pretty much beauty in general, it's worth the trip to visit this little Maple Ridge gem).

One of my favourite pieces was the wreath we hung from the centre of the ceiling. It was a labour of love made by Kasey's parents, and the dripping crystals shined like rain drops on this romantically overcast spring day. Officiated by my all time favourite, Jordan Bateman, the ceremony brought almost everyone to tears and even incorporated a very old fashioned hand-tying ritual.

Happy 6 month Anniversary Kasey and Tyler!

Cake: Anna Elizabeth Cakes
Photography: Right Out Studio
Decor Rentals: All Occassions Chic Decor Rentals
Flowers: Ah Perfect Petals
Invitations/ Favour/ Stationery Design: Hello Bella
Celebrant: Jordan Bateman

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meet Hello Bella's Pretty New Face!

Well, if you haven't noticed by now, Hello Bella has had an Extreme Makeover, Logo Edition! Normally this wouldn't warrant a post or announcement, but for me, well, anything that involves de-pinkifying requires some sort of explanation! Yes, it's true- I am a pink girl through and through, and I'm sure my pinkness was extremely evident in my former branding and website design. So why the change? Well, I'd be lying if I said I've been happy with any of my previous logo designs. I wanted something that reflected myself, but also my business. The girly girl designs and scripty fonts were over the top cute, and oh so very me. But were they my business? Are my day to day activities all frilly and pink? The truth is, I do mostly weddings, and the majority of them are NOT pink weddings. I also do showers, birthdays, anniversaries, bat/bar mitzvahs, and pretty much any event that's an excuse to celebrate. The celebrations I design and plan are not geared towards only females, or only girly girls, and I really didn't want to pigeon hole Hello Bella into a single specific type of event service.

The new logo is simple, clean, and hopefully still pretty! I've kept touches of pink here and there, but have introduced a pretty teal blue green to the mix. My logo, which started over a year ago with a bird motif, now incorporates a sunburst or firework (you choose, whichever you like!). I figure regardless of your event, you're probably hoping for a gorgeous, sunny day, and what better way to represent this than a sunbust! Alternatively, it also reminds me of a firework, which to many is a symbol of celebration! Interestingly, and coincidentally, my first wedding last summer took place on an insanely crazy Vancouver day that resulted in the most wicked of sunsets and was topped off with an over the top display of fireworks during the Symphony of Fire. So see? It's only fitting.

Well enough with the long and dragged out explanation! Go check out my new website design for yourself (there may be little bugs but they will soon be worked out) at and while you're at it maybe fan me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter if you haven't already!

Thanks again to everyone (my amazing clients, vendors, family and friends) for your support and I hope you like the new look;)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Peacock Affair | Hello Bella Bridal Shower

Nothing makes my job more fun than when a hostess like Sandie comes along. Sandie, the sole bridesmaid/MOH for her best friend's wedding wanted to throw the bride a very special shower. Something as beautiful as it would be meaningful, and a party she would never forget.

A very pregnant Sandie left the design in my hands and let me run with it, and knowing that she was stylish and loved attention to detail as much as me made the planning process easy and exciting. (It's hard coming from a creative standpoint and having a vision- if my clients don't share that vision or have dissimilar tastes, I of course work within their parameters- however it's much more rewarding getting to do something creative and pretty! So thank you Sandie!)

An eager and charming client wasn't the only part of this event that made it such a blast to design and plan. I lined up an excellent team of my favourite vendors knowing that they would share my vision, and boy they did not fall short! The shower was held at the renowned Italian Kitchen (part of the Glowbal Group) in the upstairs section that isn't used during the day (THANK YOU Italian Kitchen and our INCREDIBLE server/bartender Mark who let us take claim over the entire upstairs). Mark, by the way, was so amazing and made the most succulent mock mojito I have ever ever tasted. Vanilla Apple Mojito - To. Die. For (definitely stealing this drink recipe for my upcoming housewarming). Ok, sorry about that little tangent- back to my amazing vendors!

Once deciding on our colour scheme I phoned up my florist Kari of Ah Perfect Petals. Kari is a hidden gem in a world of countless florists, and if you're lucky enough to work with her you'll know what I mean. She really really cares about her clients and that is so pivotal in a client/vendor relationship. And her flowers- oh her flowers! Her creative eye is spot on and her design skills impeccable. I sent her about 5 inspiration photos prior to the shower, some outrageously intricate, and some more simple. She absolutely blew the roof off of any expectations I had, and I can't thank Kari enough for her part in creating this gorgeous event.

Another vendor I love to work with (and who you'll probably see often on my blog and facebook page) is Anna of Anna Elizabeth Cakes. An up and comer with an incredible eye for detail, this young talent is sure to garner a lot of attention in the cake world. I let her know the theme/colour scheme we were working with, and that same day she came back to me with an assortment of design renderings to help us decide on our cake design. I loved how our cake turned out, and her fondant work and handpainting is amazing. Her cakes are always original- no boring copies here! And if you think these cakes are just pretty, wait until you try one! She pays as much attention to what's on the inside as she does on the outside with flavours like vanilla bean cake soaked in raspberry simple syrup with rapsberry coulis with white chocolate buttercream. DELISH!

My vendor trifecta I've affectionately dubbed AAA (Ah Perfect Petals, Anna Elizabeth Cakes, and All Occassions) was rounded out by the wonderful rentals at All Occasions Chic Decor Rentals. Carolyn is awesome to work with, and was extremely accommodating with my last minute orders and changes! The gorgeous wishing tree, peacock feathers, brown and turquoise linens were all rented from All Occassions (pink runners were generously supplied by Kari of APP).

There's a slew of inspiration out there for peacock weddings/events. Both Sandie and I shared the vision that although the theme was peacock, we didn't want it to overwhelm and take away from everything else. A touch here, and splash there was all that was needed. In addition to the gorgeous jewel tones throughout the room, we used peacock feathers to accent the table settings and I designed a peacock menu inspired by a wedding invitation I spotted on etsy. The same peacock graphic was also echoed in the wishing tree notecards and the he said/ she said game cards. Sandie ordered customized Jones sodas online that featured a picture of the bride and groom and was a much enjoyed guest take home favour.

Well, that was a long so I shall stop here! Hope everyone enjoys their April and check back soon for more blog posts!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun at the Aquarium: Purple & White Bat Mitzvah

March was a full month, finding me with a bat mitzvah, 2 weddings, a 60th birthday and a case of influenza. April isn't quite as busy, however I do have a few fun events in the works that I'll update you on soon. In the meantime, I will try and recap all of the fabulousness that was March, and starting with one of my all time favourite events.

I was brought into the picture a little later on for this incredible bat mitzvah at the Vancouver Aquarium. The host wanted me to pull everything together for the big day and design TWO incredibly fun candy bars. The first, and my favourite, was a purple and white scheme that I'm sure any girly girl would swoon over if not for the candy at least for the colours and pretty details. The second, a fun and whimsical aquarium candy bar. I didn't have too much time to pull it off, but it came together beautifully and was a big hit with kids and adults alike! On top of the incredible venue (watching the dolphins swim around outside in the moonlight was spectacular) and the fun candy bars, what made this event even more to die for were the wonderful vendors involved. After being acquainted with them at the Aisle Walk Magazine Launch Party, I was thrilled to get to work alongside Jane and her hubby of Pixstar Photobooth as well as Daniela of Daniella Ciuffa Photography. I was also introduced to the incredible work of DJ Jordan of Beyond Sound (such a fitting name, because their service truly was beyond sound) and the magical entertainment of the Underground Circus that wowed guests with contortion and aerial performances a la Cirque de Soliel. There were 7 lounge areas for guests to mingle and take in the gorgeous sights of the aquarium with stunning lounge furniture from FIreworks Event Rentals. Guests took away 2 favors- seeded purple paper cards (just plant the card and watch your pretty flowers grow!) and incredibly detailed and very tasty custom cookies. The show stopping flowers which filled every square inch of the Aquarium with their pink and purple glory would done by the talented team at Grandville Island Florists, and the delectable sushi stations that complimented the catering were put on by Zen Sushi.

Down to the details (and contact info for these fab vendors!):

Venue: The Vancouver Aquarium - (Contact Elisa) E-mail:

Photobooth: Jane @ Pixstar Photobooth E-mail:

Contortionists/ Aerialists: The Underground Circus E-mail:

DJ: Beyond Sound E-mail:

Furniture Rentals: Fireworks Event Rentals E-mail:

Sushi Stations: ZEN Sushi E-mail: